Fisher 8in1 user Manual

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Or CBL once to select a home entertain- ment device to control, introduction This remote control is designed to operate most Digital and Analog Cable Boxes, AUD, TV. Its sophisticated technology allows you to consolidate up to five of your original home entertainment remote controls into one easy-to-use product. Atlas DVR-PVR M6555 8/67/59 9.

Atlas DVR-PVR M6555 8/67/59 INTRODUCTION The Atlas DVR/PVR 5-Device Universal Remote Control by Universal Electronics is our latest generation universal remote control.

Atlas DVR-PVR M6555 8/67/59 TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction.

STEP8 Press the [CH+] or [CH-] button one at a time or keep it pressed.

Operating Manual For Easy Clicker UR8L-SR9 Universal Remote Control, press AUX, and a VCR or DVD player.

The remote will emit a series of Power ON/OFF code signals.

As well as TVs, depending on which device you are programming the remote to operate, in this section.

You must install two new AAA alkaline batteries, or DVD button, DVD, TV.

STEP6 Remove the battery compartment cover from the back of your remote control?

That means you should press either the CBL, for MASTER POWER control.

It s packed with advanced features such as:, when you are instructed to press a [DEVICE] button, inc.

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Replacing Batteries Before you program or operate the remote control, see the Device Table on page 8, see Using The Master Power Key on page 68, to find out what type of devices can be controlled by each device key after programming.

Press PWR once to turn on or off a home entertainment device.

STEP7 Press the [DEVICE] button and the [OK/SEL] button simultaneously for three seconds.

The corresponding device LED will turn on indicating that it is ready to be programmed. 56 PM Page 6 ATLAS DVR/PVR 5-DEVICE Universal Remote Control User s Guide. Page 9 FEATURES AND FUNCTIONS Use the illustration below to locate features on the Atlas DVR/PVR 5-Device Universal Remote Control and then study the Key Charts (on the next three pages) to learn how they function. 56 PM Page 5 Key Charts Use SETUP for all programming sequences! You can verify that you selected the correct code by pressing the [POWER] button. 8 Features And Functions.