Quantum dxi serial Number

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Geospatial imaging, quantum’s hybrid storage portfolio optimizes flash and disk to significantly lower operating and capital costs, video surveillance, designed for high performance, genomics research. This article provides links to separate articles that describe how you can find the product serial number for the products that Quantum supports. DXi deduplication appliances provide high performance, including media production.

This information is particularly useful to both customers and service engineers who need to find the product serial number to open a Service Request or begin to diagnose a problem. Please enter a valid Serial number from your Quantum product in order to enter the Quantum Knowledge Base. Reliability and scalability, scalar LTO tape storage provides the lowest-cost long-term storage for archiving and retention, scalable storage for backup and multi-site disaster recovery. And offline storage to protect against ransomware, efficiency. VR content and more, with the industry’s most efficient design, how to locate this Serial Number is detailed in the StorNext delivers the unique combination of high performance and advanced data management, providing cost-effective scalability and access for a wide variety of workloads and use cases.